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Regardless of which option you choose, in the end, you will walk away with a living, actionable marketing plan you can use far into the future. Things do change over time, and there are sometimes surprise situations you need to pivot on. However, a good marketing plan can remain flexible enough to remain a valuable asset for years.

We all know how it is: don’t schedule it; it doesn’t get done. A marketing plan will give you a structure you can use to develop actionable items using focused strategies.

Selling your services or products without a marketing plan is like driving with your eyes closed. We all love a challenge, but there’s a time and place for everything. You might think you’re saving time or money by tackling this task yourself or, worse yet, skipping it altogether.

Marketing Plan DIY Toolkit

You create a marketing plan on your own using our DIY guides/courses. This is the real DIY option. You do all the work yourself with just the guides and worksheets we provide. This option does not include any support. But, we can always upgrade you to another option that includes support if you get stuck.
$ 25

You Write A Plan With Our Help

You will write the plan using our guides and worksheets. We will be there to answer questions along the way and provide our experienced eye in an audit. This is a great option if you want to learn how the process works while doing it. Sort of a DIY + support option.
$ 500
Get Help

We Write Your Marketing Plan

Long Story Short creates a marketing plan with input from you. We do the whole shabang! We take care of all the heavy lifting, and you just provide input and approval where needed. This option ensures the best results and requires the least amount of your time and effort. We know you’re busy and your time is super valuable. Let’s create a team that puts everyone in the position they shine in. It’s a recipe for success! As part of this offer, you will also get 10% off on your next project with us.
$ 1000

Success Accelerator

Long Story Short works with you on an hourly basis on even earlier steps in your business setup process. Grab some time with us and let's brainstorm your latest idea. Or maybe you have specific questions about how to accomplish some of the things needed on your end to create the marketing plan with or without our help.
$ 300 per 3-hour bundle Starting at $300 but also offering a bundle discount at $500 per 6-hour bundle.

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