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Sales revenue is the total amount of money generated by a business through the sale of its products or services during a specific period. Multiple the number of sales and the sales price or average service price (Revenue = Number of sales x Average Price of Service or Sales Price)
Profit margin is a metric that measures the profitability of a business or a specific product or service. It represents the percentage of revenue (or sales) that remains as profit after deducting all expenses associated with the production and operation of that product or service. . To calculate yours -- 1. Determine your business's net income (Revenue – Expenses) 2. Divide your net income by your revenue (also called net sales) 3. Multiply your total by 100 to get your profit margin percentage.
Do you have a special deal or a small, affordable offer to get started with?
How do most of your customers purchase from you?
Do your current customers complain that your prices are too high?
Have you ever mapped out your sales process?
Mapping out the sales process is a crucial step in optimizing your sales efforts, enhancing customer satisfaction, and achieving sustainable business growth. It provides a roadmap for your sales team to follow, enables better decision-making, and ultimately leads to improved sales performance and profitability.
Do you use a sales pipeline or a system for managing your sales process?
Do your customers need to apply, register, or become a member before they are able buy your products?
Do you have templates/scripts for your sales emails/calls?
Do you have automatic follow-up emails in your sales process?
Do you have a reactivation program or offer a way to get back in if they have been away for a while?
Do you have a retention program or a way to keep customers coming back?
Do you make affiliate sales or earn money through affiliate links?

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