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Poisoning the Well of Authority

Imagine your business’s reputation, credibility, and authority as a well of water. When people look for information or solutions, they will turn to experts and authorities in the field. The well can be poisoned when your actions inadvertently tarnish that reputation, making people doubt your expertise and the value you bring.

The three bad habits that cause business owners to lose credibility:


Chasing Leads in Direct Messaging

You know that feeling when you get an unsolicited message from a business you’ve never heard of? It can be a major turn-off. When you constantly reach out to people without building a genuine connection first, you risk coming across as pushy and desperate. This can hurt your authority because it makes people wonder, “If they’re so great, why are they chasing me down?”


Friending Lots of Random People

Building a network on social media is fantastic, but if you’re just sending friend requests to everyone under the sun without any real context, it can backfire. People might think you’re more interested in numbers than actually engaging with your audience. This doesn’t do your authority any favors because it dilutes people's trust in your intentions and expertise.


Spamming With Irrelevant Content

Sharing content is a beautiful way to showcase your expertise, but if you’re bombarding your audience with content that’s not relevant or valuable to them, it can damage your credibility. Imagine a business consultant sharing cat memes – sure, they might be fun, but they won’t help people take them seriously as a professional.

Building authority is a long-distance marathon, it’s not a sprint. It’s about consistently showcasing your expertise, building relationships, and earning people’s trust over time. So, go out there and share your knowledge, but do it in a way that leaves a positive and lasting impression on your audience. Your business’s well of authority will thank you for it!

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